HACCP standard in Georgia

HACCP standard in Georgia

HACCP Standard in Georgia

A risk management and product safety system should be implemented in the organization to ensure high standards that reduce the likelihood of people harming the food the organization produces or provides.

Certification for HACCP standard requires the organization to establish a system that analyzes and examines all possible processes and risks in each process. In addition, control points should be set up where the products are tested to stop products where any problem has been detected, thus preventing them from reaching the market and the end user.

You probably remember cases where products were taken off the shelves and consumers were called back to return products they had already purchased from a certain series, after the products had already left the factory and reached the market and customers. These things happen but it is important that they happen as little as possible by a professionally built quality system with an examination of all possible risks and control points that can stop the products on time.

Food Standards – Risk and Safety Management System

In each of the standards of the food sector, including: HACCP, IFS FOOD, BRC FOOD, ISO 22000: 2005, there is a management system that ensures correct and safe production processes, as stated, to keep customers who purchase the food products.

The processes must be monitored and documented regularly to follow the most correct process for each product and of course to study the mistakes and streamline the processes.

As a company that specializes in quality standards in the food field, we have established quality management software that helps monitor and control quality standards and helps to manage the quality field especially when there is more than one facility.

We accompany companies and organizations for over 20 years in consulting, characterization and implementation of every standard until success.

Contact us for more information and details about HACCP and other food quality standards and we will get to you at a meeting where we will present ways for proper and high quality implementation in your organization.

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