We at Siaa Management Systems, experts in consulting, guiding and implementing quality standards in agriculture including Global Gap, BRC, F2F, TNC and more, in many organizations across the country.

Farming Standards – Global Gap and other farming standards, are the most advanced international quality standards that many organizations are required to adhere to.

We are experts in implementing these quality standards in the organization and in combination with other standards required in the organizations and we will be happy to advise and accompany you in integrated quality systems.



Farming Standards – BRC, F2F, TNC, Global Gap and more, are international quality standards that ensure standardization of quality, safety and operational criteria that provide end-consumer protection.

The Global Gap Standard, defines a quality management system for each type of grow or tower. The standard can be implemented in two options:

First option: The grower takes responsibility for himself and manages the growth himself.

The second option: The tower is based on a packaging house and is part of a group of towers (GG).

Farming Standards – Global Gap and the other standards, established by food chains in Europe and over time have joined other food chains around the world. The purpose of the networks in demanding Global Gap is to differentiate their produce from open markets by declaring cleaner produce than pesticides and preservatives On the values ​​of nature and landscape in the world.

Farming Standards – Global Gap and other Farming Standards introduce requirements similar to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, they introduce a Risk Management System (HACCP) designed to protect consumers and require strict hygiene and cleanliness rules.

Importance and benefits of agricultural standards:

Much of the agricultural produce sold in food chains in Europe comes from different countries of the world, some of which are third world countries, so consumers consider the quality standards to be important and require monitoring of the agricultural and food products that come to the plate, both in terms of quality and quantity of pesticides and more.

Farmers and packing houses in Israel that comply with agricultural standards – BRC, F2F, TNC, Global Gap and other quality standards – can market their produce to the European and US marketing networks and thus open up many business opportunities.

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