This standard was initially created for the aviation sector only, but in recent years it has been adopted by all the security industries and has become a quality standard required by these industries from their suppliers. Aviation Standard – AS 9100 is a very high quality international standard open to companies and organizations in the country and around the world.
The standard assimilation process is a complex process and it is therefore advisable to receive advice and guidance throughout the process from a company that specializes in assimilation of the standard and has extensive experience in organizations throughout the country.

ISO 9001: 2015 STANDARD

This is the basic standard that is currently required by companies and organizations, and this is often in addition to AS 9100 Aviation Standard.

ISO 9001: 2015 standard, emphasizing risk management and opportunity identification. The standard refers to the activities of the entire company management and the standard requirements must be recognized in order to build correct processes in the organization.


We have developed the quality management software as a result of accompanying dozens of organizations for more than 20 years in the field of quality.

The software has 15 modules and we are working on additional modules as required by the field.
We tailor the software specifically to each client according to the standards and internal processes of the organization.

The software sits on company computers or in the cloud and if there are several factories or branches can be synchronized between them so that the organization’s management and the quality manager can remotely control most processes.


We at Siaa Management Systems, experts in consulting, guidance and implementation of the aviation standard AS 9100 in many organizations across the country.

Our expertise is in accompanying and assimilating the requirements of the standard in the organization, including training for managers and employees and preparation for the internal and external certification exams and the certification process.

Aviation Standard – AS 9100 D, is an international, most advanced quality standard that adheres to it, leading the organization to functional excellence and enables it to handle tenders in Israel and around the world.

AS 9100

Aviation, aerospace and defense (air, sea and land) manufacturers in Georgia and around the world require suppliers and subcontractors to certify the quality system in accordance with specific requirements of this industry. 

The AS 9100 standard was prepared by an international body (SAEAerospace) under the auspices of IAQG – the umbrella organization of the airline industry, which includes major companies in the field such as: Boeing Gulfstream, Lockheed Martin Honeywell, GE, MTU, Airbus and more.

Certification according to AS 9100 incorporates the ISO 9001 standard requirements and additional (legislative and aviation) requirements of aviation quality standards. The establishment of a quality management system according to AS 9100 D will enable the organization:

  • Identify and manage processes, collect data and analyze them together for defined metrics and goals.
  •  Compliance with contractual requirements and aviation authorities in the country and worldwide (FAA, EASA, CAAI).
  • Reduce spending on material loss, poor service, customer loss and more.
  • Propulsion of ongoing processes and improvement programs (also beyond basic requirements).
  •  Beyond effective and efficient work processes through process validation (design, production, assembly, installation, service and management) all in accordance with the requirements of standard AS 9100.
  • Traceability throughout the supply chain from the material level through the finished product to service, refurbishment and maintenance of aircraft and aviation complexes.
  •  Reduction in the number of customer examinations and their scope;
    Controlled project management.
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